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Prime Engineering Services is a team of technical experts, who impart their knowledge of Scaffolding & Aluminium Formwork. Prime Engineering has been provides services in which we will guide your team to make the best deal with the best value for money.

Our Services

Scaffolding Services
Prime Engineering Services provides work access solutions, including erecting and dismantling of scaffolding, scaffolding rental and shoring services, to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants etc. Like our name Prime (quality and excellence), we know the importance of scaffolding. 
Formwork Services
Prime’s focus on technology sharing and make Indian formwork users more knowledgeable and proficient. Prime Engineering will provide in depth training to site engineers, planners, billing engineers and site supervisors of construction project in INDIA using Aluminium Formwork.
Modification &Redesigning
We do re-designing of aluminium formwork of your existing stock. As you might be aware that manufacturers claim that the formwork is designed for nearly 200 repetitions. However, for any average residential project we are able to use it only for 50 to 60 repetitions. 

Modulation Drawings
Based on the packing list, the panels are shortlisted, which will become the major part of the designed panels. In the drawing based on the design and loading criteria’s. After all the shortlisted panels are utilized then the balance part is designed with the remaining panels of the inventory which will utilized after modification. 

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